Access to vocabulary lists for closed bookclubs

I am trying to download the vocabulary list for Yotsubato!, but as the club is already finished, google tells me I need an account with permission. How can I get that?

Thanks for your help

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This sounds like something you should try posting on that thread, if you haven’t already.

Are you logged into a google account (any?) That would be my first guess.

I just posted on the thread, but google keeps denying me access… Tried with 2 different accounts, it won’t accept either.
Thanks, anyway.

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For Yotusba volume one? This vocabulary list? Loads just fine for me.

This is the link I was using, but I could open the list with your link. Why? Was I using the wrong link?

Thank you very much!!!

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Not sure which link you were clicking, but that’s just the link on that post that’s labelled “You can also download the complete vocabulary list”, copied and pasted here as-is.

Well, whatever it was, I could open it. Thank you for your help.

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