Intransitive verb? Confused about WK example: お尻を触った

So I just learned suwaru, “to touch”. WK says it’s intransitive but the WK example sentence appears to include a direct object, “my butt”, and an agent, “my boss”.
I’m confused. What’s up with that?


I took a full day off from work the day after my boss touched my butt.

Careful, すわる, 座る means “to sit” and is indeed intransitive.

さわる, 触る is “to touch.”

In the example sentence, 触った is its plain past form, さわった。The one doing the touching is the 上司, the boss.

EDIT: Just checked WK’s and jisho’s pages on 触る and didn’t know it’s also intransitive… Huh, weird. Always assumed it was transitive until now, my bad.

Although I don’t fully understand why, 触る(さわる)can be used with を. I found this. Maybe someone else may know the rhyme or reason for this. 触る - Wiktionary

触る is indeed an intransitive verb, according to both WK and Jisho.
But it seems to be used with を anyways

Seems to be a nuance of intentionality:

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