Interesting edge case: Content additions delayed my level-up

For some context, in some of the later levels there are so few kanji unlocked by the radicals on that level that you can theoretically level up in about four days if you don’t mess up on leveling up most of the kanji that are unlocked with the level. I’m on level 49 right now, and since the radicals unlock only three kanji, this is one of those levels. However, and interesting edge case happened which will make it impossible to level up in 4 days despite this: the time in which I happened to be on this level.
If you look at the picture; you can see there’s exactly one kanji that I haven’t done the lesson for yet, and therefore I won’t be able to level up until I finish that kanji as well. How did I manage this? Well, there was a content addition update today, and it added a new kanji to level 49–the very same one I haven’t done the lesson for. The irony here is that if it had been added two days ago, I would have just gotten the lesson the exact same time as the rest of the kanji, and I would have leveled up in my expected 4 days. If it had been added three days from now, I of course would have already leveled up, and wouldn’t have had to worry about it. It’s only going to add one day, so I’m not super upset or anything, but I thought it was funny/interesting enough to warrant talking about.
Fun stuff!


As you say. Lv 48 is not a fast level. It’s intentionally so. the current list of fast levels right now is:

Currently, the fast levels on Wanikani are: 43, 44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

So, you’re on the last of the slow levels.

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I’m on level 49 right now


my bad, I misread. might need new glasses. But, then that is indeed odd. Not sure what’s going on with the script either. :thinking:

Could it be lagging behind some very recent item move?

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I saw my level was a bit laggy on my profile; I just leveled up on like Monday. Dunno what might have caused it. Kinda sucks I gotta wait an extra day, but oh well. I’m traveling for Christmas so I wanna get done and start having my reviews wind down before my vacation. I don’t really wanna do vacation mode again; that messed with my memory and timing I think

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Directly in the Web UI in a browser? It could be that WaniKani relies on caching/cookies and doesn’t refresh its state often enough.

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So, I didn’t actually misread that part wrong! XD But, as @WeebPotato explains, WK is laggy as a default.

To get your current level to show on your badge, you have to log off and on on the WK main app where you do the reviews. And also after here on the forums. ^^;

(good to know when you get to 60, since it will defo never show that unless you do this, just the previous level)


Back to the main conversation!

I would say that I did something similar (you can read it on my lv 60 post), which I would not advice from a learning perspective, but it does its job as managing the work load: I did all my levelup lesson on the same day as level up for lv 60 - even though 1 was lagging behind on quite some of the lv 59 vocab lessons - I blame @saibaneko my couch and comfy zone, but yeah, yeah, for learning, it might not be ideal.

As for work load, it pretty immediately kills off the workload in the minimum amount of time, as when you have no more lessons = reviews immediately go down. (within a week, not months)

That spike is aggressive and meant doing daily 290-400+ reviews plus at the top end, but usually between 250-350-ish and demanding some constant mental space.

It died out in weeks after and then slowed gradually down to a real trickle.

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You can do it!! I remember the push through the fast levels was actually so stressful for me. I had the same thing going on - I was about to move across the country and desperately wanted to be at level 60 before I moved.

(I made it there, but it turns out rushing through the fast levels means you get LOTS of reviews to do shortly after 60, and I didn’t end up saving myself any time in the long run anyway :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for the breakdown! Yeah, luckily I’m in a position where due to my position as an Assistant Language Teacher through the JET program, I find myself with a few hours of freetime every day where my job is quite literally to study Japanese (Japanese proficiency isn’t required to apply for the job so in order to make everyone’s lives easier they encourage it), so I definitely have the time to spend on doing reviews and making sure everything is done properly. Although I’m looking forward to being more or less done, I’m being sure to not forget that the main goal is to learn Japanese, not to just get to the arbitrary goal of level 60. But given the vacation I took (and the vacation mode I used) messed with my memory, I think it’s genuinely in my best interest to get most of this done before my trip so I can feasibly take some time every morning or night just to chill and do some reviews to keep them from fading from my mind. I’m really excited for the drop in reviews though, as presumably I’ll have to do the kanji unlocked at level 60, and then the vocab associated with those kanji a few days later, and after a few days of that things will drop off as the usual influx of 100+ lessons every four days will no longer be a thing. I’ll then have to figure out what to do with all my free time at work…

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I’ve got time at work luckily where my job is to literally study Japanese, so I have the time to spend on making sure that everything is done properly and that when 60 comes I’ll have a little over two weeks to sort away what level 60 has for me and then the reviews should die down rather quickly as I’ll no longer be facing 100+ reviews pouring in every four days. Hopefully so few that during vacation I can just do them in a few minutes at the beginning/end of the day without too much fuss.

The same thing happened to me 10 weeks ago when I was on level 18, but I had one Kanji to spare, so in the end, it didn’t delay my level up. I posted about it here:

Immersion learning and even more immersion learning! The fun stuff truly begins then! ^>^