That's fine, I didn't want to progress anyway

Okay so as you can probably tell by the title I’m a bit salty about what happened today.

Basically WaniKani added a new kanji to level 49 (蹴), or at least I’d assume so since I’ve got the radicals of this kanji burned. Either way, because of this new kanji, level 49 suddenly turned from a fast level into a regular-speed level.

What annoys me is that I was like 10 hours off of leveling to level 50. And now I’m stuck on level 49 for at least another 3.5 days in order to guru this one character. At least I get to take it slow on the vocabs which is nice.

I’m not particularly angry that WaniKani is adding new kanji (I’d argue that’s a good thing actually) and I get that there’s not a whole lot of options to avoid situations like this, but I really just wanted to vent about this. Well then… I’ll get back to my reviews. :sweat:


That happened to me on level 59 1 year and a half ago when they changed radicals. I understand the feeling. It will pass though :slight_smile:


It’s still a fast level, though, isn’t it? Because the radicals only gate 3 kanji and that’s less than 10%? Just to be clear. It doesn’t change how the experience is for you.


Oh yeah actually, it’s still a fast level, just not for me I guess :^)

not sure whether to feel better or worse.


I know the feeling! I’ve been on level 15 for 32 days this time (I reset a few months ago and spent about a month on level 15 back then as well, making it well over 2 months in total now). Grrrrrrrrrr!

Only kidding! I’m just amazed at how a few hours can make a difference for some people, whereas I operate in months!


Ha-ha! I activate my trap card: PLOT ARMOR! Now I can catch up!!!1


ah shit xD have mercy