Button for if I don't know the answer in reviews?

I think it would be helpful to have a way to click somewhere if I don’t know the answer to a review to mark it as wrong.

I’ve run into the issue a few times now that if I type a random reading in to get it to mark as wrong, then I end up either getting it right or associating that random reading with the word and end up typing it in again later. xD

Just a random thought I had. I suppose it’s probably not too hard to do with a third party app.


There’s already a script that exists that will input a long string of gibberish if you want. I forget the name.

Something like this perhaps?

Edit: Useful page for finding scripts by the way:


Just type something that will never be correct, like あああ.


I always write the Swedish letter ö.
So far it has never been correct… maybe one day :crossed_fingers:


I think even if the answer is extremely difficult to remember or forgotten it’s better to type anything that comes to mind instead of skipping it or typing gibberish. The effort helps to reinforce the correct answer over time.


Just type in the entire script of the Bee movie and you’ll be fine.


Thanks for the idea!! I’ve always gone “no”, which is hardly ever correct, but believe there is one or two O_o
I should use ø! =D (I’ll go for the Norwegian version since it is a one click :wink: )

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Yeah, if you write something that’s partially correct. Write something completely wrong and with time, it gets hard to remember anything else but that wrong answer.

If I only know half the answer, I’ll just answer that half of the question.


I do agree. If i think I might know the answer I guess, but will often guess the same thing again on the same one even though there are no connection other than I guessed that before. So by guessing it you do associate it, and just can’t remember if it was correct or wrong.
This is why I like to type “no” if I can’t remember, I don’t start to associate that since it is my “go to wrong answer”

I tend to press the ase;ofijae;roigjasj button. It seems to work for me without fail.

Yeah, I normally beat my head against the keyboard so that I make sure I never get a correct answer while also punishing myself for being dumb.


I just type the space key and hit enter. Sometimes I use ‘f’ if it’s a meaning, only because I’ll be hitting f straight after anyway. Only time this has done me wrong was in one item that for some reason accepted f as an answer.

What, there are other languages which have the letters äöü besides German? How do you pronounce this in Swedish?

…Well, I kinda feel stupid now for thinking this was a German only thing. Always thought “Why do we have to have this stupid sounds and letters? Nobody else has them.” OTZ.

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Haha, Sweden has å ä and ö. The ä and ö is more or less the same as in German.

We dont have ü though, and not the ß. I took German in school about 20 years ago, otherwise I likely wouldn’t know either :wink:

And don’t feel stupid for learning new things :heart:

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ö is pronounced just like the German ö. Kind of like the English “err” (the sound of hesitation) but without the rr sound at the end.

ä in Swedish is a long “e” sound (like in “sad”). In Swedish the letter “e” is pronounced in a higher tone, like in “day”.

There is no ü in Swedish, the normal “u” is instead pronounced as the German “ü”. The letter o is pronounced as the vowel sound in “tool”.

Finally there is the Swedish å, which is pronounced as the vowel sound in “boat”.

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I wonder if the Swedish ä might be same/similar as the Norwegian æ. Æ is basically said as “sad” as you used to explain it. We also have å/Å and ø/Ø but my Swedish friend told me strictly that ö is NOT ø =P (which many seem to assume)

Thanks for the explanation!
Should learn a Scandinavian Language after Japanese I guess. Having a kinda appeal to me now.

HEJ, Hur mår du?
Lol Jk, that’s literally the only thing I can remember from learning Swedish for half a year xD