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Hello Everyone,

I am attending a local Japanese course in Canada. it is 2 hours per week and progressing way too slow. We should be finishing Genki I by the end of next semester. I wonder if it is possible to attend an intensive Japanese course (up to 4 weeks) to study Genki II or equivalent in japan sometime next year.

I am open to online intensive courses (2-4 hours every day) as well. 8:00-12:00 time in japan would be 19:00-23:00 where I live which would be perfect.

Any suggestions from your own experience? Many thanks in advance.

Nothing beats private tutoring. I don’t think group classes are as effective as private ones. Your own schedule, your study plan, and 100% attention from the teacher.

I’d recommend to use an online platform like italki. Many teachers on there offer lessons based on Genki/ other textbooks.


Now i have booked my first lesson on italki with a professional teacher. thanks for the suggestion @d-hermit.


so i had my first session. Here is how it went

  • I could ask as many questions as I want. Until now i did not realize this was actually a problem in class setting.
  • the lesson immediately revealed the areas that needs special attention from me.
  • it forced me to look beyond chapters in the book and really learn things that i am supposed to know. Already took actions wrt this.

wanted to share my fresh impressions for anyone who might be thinking about this route.

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