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Any recs for good online Japanese classes or language schools? Specifically I’m looking for smallish group classes where you meet with a live teacher over video on a regular basis (not a youtube channel or 1:1 private tutoring)

I’m somewhere in the “intermediate” range (Genki II maybe?), a placement test would be great if they offer it.

There are a couple of archived threads on this topic but things change so quickly these days and some in-person schools have gone online. So there may be new options out there?



I would happily recommend either of the two places I have taken group lasses with, both with some online options now, though both are a bit pricy:

What I like most about both is the quality of the teachers. That said, I have only taken the post-Genki upper-intermediate or advanced courses with them.

Not sure when you were thinking of signing up for, but it looks like the NC classes mostly started this past week and the NY Japan Society classes mostly start the last week in September. The NY classes offer a level guide here.


I’m taking online classes at JOI . Each lesson is stand-alone, so you can mix and match teachers as well as lesson times. They offer a 3-lesson starter pack for ~10 US$ which is cheaper than their normal classes (but the normal classes are pretty cheap as well).
Caveat: They are currently undergoing some restructuring (I think they nearly went bankrupt and wanted to close the school in the end of 2022, but they are still working on ways to continue) so the future is pretty uncertain. But recently they announced some new class types so maybe there is still hope…


I take online classes from genkijacs and can recommend them, however while they do have online classes I think their actual in-person classes are way more popular so you’ll have to contact them to figure out if they have any classes currently running that match your level.


Thank you, I’ll check these out! I know this is a bit late in the year to be hunting, so also making notes on options for next year (especially since I don’t know what my work schedule will look like).

@NicoleIsEnough - JOI looks interesting, how do the modular lessons work? Do you get a list of topics each week and sign up for the ones that you want? (The schedule on their webpage just says “beginning” “intermediate” etc.) I’m guessing there’s also a way to keep track so you don’t end up with big gaps in your learning?

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Yes, basically that’s it. This is how the lessons are broken up into levels:

You said you’re roundabout in Genki II, so that would mean N4. If I select “Beginner 2” and “Beg 2 Grammar” I get this list and some more (didn’t all fit on one screen):

The timezone is Germany (GMT+2) - you can adjust that to our own timezone of course. You can see the [HR] and [VR] markers, meaning “highly recommended” i.e. I did not take this topic yet, and “very recommended” meaning I took this topic once. There is also a list of which grammar points you took.
If you then want to know more about a given lesson, you can click on “View Lesson Plan” to get an overview:

The “Page number” nominally refers to Minna no Nihongo, I think, but factually you don’t need any book to follow the lessons, as they will use their own slides and they will send you a summary after the lesson. (Not the full slide deck as that is copyrighted.)
Of course, if you want to go over the topics once again, I can recommend using some other material on top of the lessons, but whether that’s Minna or Genki or some Grammar pages online, that’s totally up to you.

It’s also worthwhile experimenting with multiple teachers. The lessons themselves are structured very similarly across the teachers, but some like to chat a bit at the start, some do some vocab or kanji quizzes, some make the exercises somewhat more interesting, so just try them out and don’t be shy to switch teachers. They don’t expect you to return each week once you took a lesson. I mean there are groups that are pretty consistent over time, where basically the same people take the same timeslot every week, but if you don’t show up any more after some time, nobody gets upset or worried. Instead, when you meet them again in another lesson at some point, they are always happy to see you again.


Drat sorry I thought I replied to this already. :sweat_smile: Thank you so much for explaining it in detail! They should hire you to write their website because it wasn’t clear (and frankly looked a bit sketchy cuz they left out a lot of the how-it-works.)

It seems like you could use this as a regular “class” or as supplemental teaching if you’re studying for exams or having trouble with particular topics. Especially if you can retake the same topic with different teachers.

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Ah, no worries!

Happy to hear that my explanations have apparently served their purpose :+1:

Yep, that’s exactly it. Oh and I forgot to mention, they also do prep classes for JLPT (not all levels each time, though, but you can ofc also attend them even if you don’t take the test, which is pretty nice as a crash course).

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