Instransitive Verbs

I know that in Japanese some transitive and intransitive verbs are completely different. That being said, I think Wanikani should only show the intransitive form of a verb that you have already mastered the transitive form of.

To treat the transitive and intranstive form of a verb as just two different “words” is extremely frustrating. I constantly confuse 付く and 付ける. Which leads to no progress learning any of the two.

I know wanikani won’t change, but please if possible add an option to completely ignore intranstive verbs. Or as I mentioned, only show them when the transitive one has been mastered.

I don’t think struggling with a vocab pair really matters if you look at the bigger picture. You can just use scripts or user synonyms to mark them as correct. The only thing that matters is when you come across them in real life (Eg reading). The context will usually provide a hint of the meaning and you will subconsciously learn to differentiate them anyway.