Instant Gratification Thread (likes for reviews)

You should have posted that a month ago! I just got down to 0 from 2000 pending reviews D:<


o o o f
Have any screenshots? I would still take them XD

OOOooo, I’m in! This is definitely what I need to motivate me to clear my ever-mounting lesson backlog.

I request my first14 likes from @jprspereira
and then I request 14 likes from @Kumirei
For clearing my 141 lessons before the day is done! I promise! !
Before picture:
After picture:
Coming soon in a future edit!


Let’s see…

This is the best I’ve got


Where can you find out how many likes you have?

Btw you owe me 4 likes :smiley:

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How many you have received? The summary page
How many you have left?



Arent we going to reach like inflation with these rates?

Also you would have to stalk the profile and like old posts hm

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I want your likes!

Did I understand it right?


If I got it right theyll have to stalk you and give you 3x1 likes on random things :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll get me a free one from the though <3

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I meant the summary page where you see the percentage, but this will do just fine

[…processing likes]
[likes delivered]

But wait… Only 1 person can give the likes… so it’s better from now on that people posting screenshots only tag 1 person. The one tagged is the one giving the likes.

Oh so you like hire a personal liker?

Right else the more people offer likes the more would have to like you causing a like inflation and crushing the market due to too much demand

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Yep, but the personal liker has to be available to do it.

If more than 1 person ends up giving likes, the one asking for likes gets more than it should.

Personal Liker with no social life searches for obsessed Kanji Learners!

Offer: 50 likes
Rate: 1 per 5 lessons / 1 per 15 reviews
Required: Before and after of summary page


All right I get it. From here in out I’ll only tag one person to avoid confusion!

So someone has to accept the offer and make a “deal” with the offerer, who then has to confirm the deal x)

I like the idea because the person with the best rates will probably get the most offers, yet he may run out of likes and also may be too annoyed to like every single thing, making competition viable :thinking:

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That is a good point! I will edit my post : )

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@Kumirei you could allow us to edit the main post so that we could make a list of who is giving likes. Then the person doing the reviews would post the screenshots and tag a person on the list to do the job.

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That sounds like the most reasonable soluation yeah

Aww man I just did a ton of lessons this morning and don’t have reviews for another 4 hours. Damn my morning motivation! shakes fist

I actually don’t care about likes at all but getting a “reward” for my effort sounds fun