I kinda forgot to do my reviews for a while and I dont have the motivation to sit down and do them…
Any advice?

edit: I got it down to 300 in between homework and classes, so Im getting there. These are all great ideas though!

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Do the reviews.

Sorry, buddy, no way around it.


You don’t have to do them all in one sitting - there’s a “wrap-up” button on the left-hand side that will end the review after ten more items.


Do them in smaller chunks with breaks in-between. Even if you only do 10 here and there, it’ll chip away at the review pile. You can do it!

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Lol I figured that was the answer!
I just meant do you have any advice for getting motivated :stuck_out_tongue:

If you search the term “break” in the forums, you’ll find a TON of people who did the same thing, came back from long breaks and you’ll probably find a lot of good advice there. For me, using the reorder script from lowest level to highest is what helps me sort it out. I dont have it on hand but it’s usually linked in those other topics you should check out

It might not be a motivation technique per se, but if you’re a fan of binge-watching tv series, one trick you can do is watch an episode, then do 20-30 reviews before you watch the next episode. Or similarly break up something you enjoy doing with a handful of reviews every so often. The added bonus is that you trick your brain into enjoying reviews!

… Trick your brain into enjoying them even more than you already do, of course.


I think it was @jprspereira who posted something like this: give $1000 to a close family member and tell them they can only give it back to you after you finish those reviews within a couple of days - if you don’t, they get to keep it.

Nothing like good old panic to get things done.


haha this is exactly what I was going to say. I’ll be like, I cannot move on until I do 40 reviews. Sometimes I just decide :woman_shrugging: and just don’t do any or watch more of the show, but it’s usually pretty motivational.

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first off, who has 1000$
secondly, who trusts any human that much


I feel like that technique would do more harm than good for most people. There’s a good chance you’ll become distracted and will only incur the wrath of the crabigator, leading to more reviews and the disapproval of koichi.

On a more serious note. Do 10 reviews. How did that go? Feel like you can do 10 more? How did those go? If you feel frustrated because you can’t remember them (either because it’s been a while or you have poor memory) then give yourself a small break. After doing each set, reward yourself - a drink or some food perhaps, but not a YouTube video or social media, for example. They aren’t going to help you keep focused. In fact, there’s a good idea - install a web blocking addon to prevent yourself from going to overly distracting websites, if that is something which frequently distracts you.

Self-discipline is also important here. If you’re not motivated, for whatever reason, then you need the mental strength to do some amount of the reviews, even if it is only 10. Starting is always the hardest part.

Edit: Better tip - get off the forums and do your damn reviews!

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Another excellent strategy is doing your reviews as a way to avoid doing something even more unpleasant.

‘No, no, I can’t wash the toilet, I have 400 reviews!’


This is why my reviews are at zero but I haven’t opened any of my tax documents… blegh


I haven’t done my taxes either. But those 7-day levels sure are coming along fine!


Huh, so this is why my taxes are done but it takes me 4+ months to level up (I actually did both yesterday lol)


I said 100$. Most people might not be brave enough to bet 1000$ :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll take the $100… But I can’t promise to give it back :grimacing:


Sometimes when I’m struggling to retain my focus, I’ll set an annoying timer (google’s built in timer is perfctly irritating) and I’ll let my self play a video game for like 10 min. Then I’ll make myself do 20-30 reviews, then I reset the timer and play for another 10 min. Similar to people’s tv suggestions, except I haven’t been watching much TV lately!

Mostly, don’t focus on how many you have left. Focus on “yeah, got thirty done!” Do that enogh times, regularly enough, and you will get through them. All of a sudden you will go to do another set and nothing will be left!