Increasing positive reinforcement when leveling up!

I would like to be able to level up after I complete the level’s vocabulary (or percentage of).

Or I would like to have the option to choose to level up, instead of automatically leveling up!

That is because I don’t like the whole, “Congratulations You Leveled Up!!!.. now here is 120+ lessons” dumped on me feeling. And Half of the new lessons are From the Previous level. It’s not a very good positive reinforcement feeling.

It makes me feel like I’m immediately behind, instead of I just made an accomplishment today.


It reminds me at my old job, when I used to complete my work early, and so my boss would respond by immediately giving me more work to do. Eventually, I was doing more than double the work of my colleagues.
So then I just stopped working so fast. Because every time I did something fast, I got rewarded negatively.

I know that people don’t like to change what they’ve already gotten used to. So they’re going to feel that they would like to level up sooner than later, especially at the beginning.

However, “Thinking Different” can lead to greater success. Anything WaniKani can do to keep encouraging it’s users (like the level up emails) will both help us learners, but also increase success rates, buzz, and ultimately boost WaniKani subscription sales!!
Can there be some sort of setting in the app section, where I can change how WaniKani behaves?

Honestly as it is now, I’m starting to dread leveling up.


The vocab have no impact on your level up time. You can use scripts to reorder them as you please.

That being said, you’re learning kanji because you want to read. One reads a book full of vocab, not a book full of kanji. Don’t think of the vocab as a hindrance … at the end of the day vocab are the entire point? :slight_smile:


Yes, there are a lot of lessons coming up at the moment you level up. But you are not forced to do them at once. The new lessons are ordered: first come the vocab using the just guru-ed kanji of the preceding level, then the radicals of the new level and new kanjis and vocab.

So you may choose to do only the vocabs of the preceding level. If you want to level up fast you should add at least the radicals of the new level.


Would it make any real difference though? If it were as you described, would you just dread finally clicking the “advance to new level” button or put it off?

To some extent you do get to decide when you level up - you know when you’re coming up on finishing off all the kanji for the level you’re on. I try to schedule things so I’ll be starting a new level early in the morning / when I have time to take a good crack at it.

I dunno. I think it’s really just a matter of perspective and having a positive outlook. That and just understanding that there’s no rush and you can take things at whatever pace you’d like.


new lessons are available after a level up means you unlocked them. they’re not a chore you have to do, they’re the reward for having done the work.

i agree that the presentation isn’t so hot, but i don’t have an idea how to do it better either.


I understand what you mean, before I lost my subscription I am level 6, with all but 4 of the kanji for the level gurued, that way I didn’t level, and have been reordering my lessons so that I am doing all the vocab first. I don’t get on as often as I should (1/2 times a day m-f), so I am trying to clear the vocab before I move on, it may be ridiculous, but it works for me. Once I can finally get a good study schedule down, I might start going through it faster

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Here’s my suggestion on how to think about it:

Who cares what your level is?

Just show up everyday, do all your reviews, maybe do some lessons, and you’ll improve over time.


I wish I could give this multiple likes.:revolving_hearts:


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