Including Time for Rest

I tried looking around on here to see if anyone else had something similar, but is there any possibility of incorporating a rest option on Wanikani? TBH, my schedule does not allow me not to incorporate rest and I’ll take days off like the last few days for some relaxation and come back to over 100 cards to review. I understand keeping up with the rhythm of studying, but honestly, I really can’t fit that in all the times and I feel overburdened trying to play catch up on over 100 cards in a day.

Any suggestions on how to handle this or if there’s a possibility for some break/freeze option on the app?


Yeah, you can turn on vacation mode and it will freeze your reviews.


You can use vacation mode, it freezes the time for reviews. You can turn it on/off for few hours or few days. It’s under Menu/Settings/Account.


o.O, where do you go to do that? I couldn’t find it when I first looked.

Thank you both for letting me know about the feature!


Click the menu in the top right of the website, then click account. Click account again and scroll down and you should see the Vacation Mode setting.