Inaccurate Lesson Count

I currently have ~70 lessons, but my lesson count on the dashboard is currently displayed as 42 (without the +). Is anyone else with more than 42 lessons seeing something similar? The only script I have currently is the reorder script.

I just pushed an update that accidentally omitted the ‘+’. Another update is making it’s way through our automated test-and-deploy process. You’ll have your ‘+’ back in 10 or so. :smile:


Was this you experimenting with displaying the actual number? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good to know, thanks for the speedy response!

Hmmm, no, but the scripters out there might notice a change in the way we store that data so that the number is more readily available. Let the treasure hunt begin!


Aaaand the plus is back.

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That was an easy treasure hunt. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you guys have any plans to add additional data there?

Confirmed it looks good on my side. Thanks!

It should have been :point_up_2:


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