In praise of Genki 2

Hi! I’ve never actually posted onto these forums before and I’ll probably disappear again after this post, but I wanted to put this out there for anybody else who, like me, has been thinking about buying Genki for a long time but didn’t because hoo boy, it’s expensive.

I bought Genki 2 from my local university book store a few weeks ago, and I’ve already found it incredibly useful and informative, especially now that I have a base knowledge of kanji and vocabulary from wanikani! I think it’s totally worth the initial high investment and the workbook is an absolute must. So if you’re like me, who spent about a full two years on the fence about buying Genki, I think taking the plunge is incredibly worth it, especially if you’re inbetween N5 and N4 and struggling to find resources that aren’t super-hard but also aren’t just covering topics you already know by heart.


I’ll just throw out that Quartet is a very natural continuation after Genki 2. I struggled with getting into Tobira after Genki 2 to the point that I decided to drop it but Quartet 1 was right at the level I needed. So look into that after you’re done with Genki.


Thank you so much for the recommendation!

Tobira was the most widely recommended Intermediate text book, but after doing Quartet I can vouch that that is 100 the way to go. I love Quartet 1. I am going through MNN to brush up my beginner level material, but plan to go to Quartet 2 next year.

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