Improvement of 'release rate'

I would like WaniKani to release new items more consistently, and in smaller, more even blocks, over consecutive days.
today is Monday (a working day for me), and wanikani (so far) has given me 45 new items. that’s a LOT to absorb in one day.

on the other hand…on the weekend just gone, on sunday…zero new items were released (and it gave me hardly any reviews…eg after the initial…the next review was not until FOUR hours later…seems a waste of time), and on Saturday, just 1 new item was release.

Does wanikani release less on the weekend? I would prefer MORE to be released on the weekend…or at least, the new items to be released over days in chunks.

or am I just misunderstanding the way wanikani works? (I’m on level 4)

thanks for any tips/advice about this.

today was pretty intense… 45 new ones. so far…!

also…I’m not complaining…just learning…


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You are not obliged to do them all at once - I do 11 items a day, every day, no gaps. This gives me a reasonably consistent daily workload of reviews.

You have received these items because you have guru’ed the correct number of radicals &/or kanji to access the next lot of lessons - this is dependant on when you do your reviews, not something WK has control of.


Wanikani gives you new lessons for the kanji you get to Guru level, and also a whole extra batch of lessons once you Guru all radicals and 90% of your kanji.

The apprentice intervals are:
Apprentice 1 → Apprentice 2: 4 hours
Apprentice 2 → Apprentice 3: 8 hours
Apprentice 3 → Apprentice 4: 23 hours
Apprentice 4 → Guru 1: 47 hours

Since you most likely started your most recent lessons on Thursday afternoon, those lessons end up on:

Thursday evening
Friday morning
Saturday morning
Monday morning

As you can see, no reviews on Sunday.
If you want to have this schedule shift and still go at full speed, you could technically wait a day and shift the schedule by one day. Or simply don’t do all lessons at once, but in batches of 10-20 a day to spread them out more.


As I’m also on level 4 I was thinking the same things, however when I looked ahead at what is to come I realised I should be careful what I wish for.

I’m trying to find a good grammar resource so that I can learn grammar in between lessons, but none seem to have the same quality/effect as WaniKani has for teaching Kanji.


thanks. good to know… but I’m a sucker for ‘wanting to drink them all at once’ :grinning:

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It can be hard in the beginning to understand how bulk lessons won’t really come back to bite you until about 6 months in. You’ll have items coming back for review of every SRS stage, giving you 100-200 reviews a day, and then your burn reviews start and all those bulk stacks of lessons that you did while still full of eager enthusiasm get piled on top of those 3 digit daily review numbers.

Not saying I don’t understand where you’re coming from, but I’ve also heard many people curse the lesson decisions of their past self. You’re in for a year WK commitment at the very minimum if you’re shooting for 60, so it can serve you well to play the long game.

Best of luck! :smile:


that’s the bit that is a bit puzzling.(a WHOLE extra batch) seems like people recommend doin them in smaller batches…like 10 or 20. so…my recommendation to the Wanikani people is to give us members this as an option maybe? either…tick a box to be deluged…or to get them in bunches. that’d be a nice choice, I think.

when they come in a deluge…there’s often several groups of very similar words/kanji items. eg today I got a whole lot of words around ‘past/previous’, AND also a whole bunch based around ‘year’, and a whole bunch around ‘say humbly’…so those multiple batches are a bit of sensory overload…

don’t get me wrong…I’m coping fine. so far. and just offering suggestions…


Sounds like me and you are at the exact same spot. Want to perhaps join forces as accountability buddies?

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This script might be what you’re looking for. Your amount of apprentice items can be directly linked to how busy you are. If you keep those at a maximum of 100~150 items, you are far less likely to be overwhelmed. I think this script could help you with that :slight_smile:


If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you to read my Guide for WK. It’s full of crazy good information that might prove you very useful in balancing the workload of WK and having a comfortable routine about it :slight_smile:


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