Images fail to load on forums

The past few days, many images have failed to load on the forums. In particular, this has been an issue on my iPhone.

For example (the irony being that this image may not display):


I use iPhone as well but this hasn’t been an issue for me :thinking:

I can’t even see the image I posted or my avatar next to the “created” text in the first post.

I’ve been having trouble with this on my laptop, but only when checking someone’s profile. Example:



I can’t even see your image. Or the person who liked it. :disappointed_relieved:

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It seems that discourse took away displayed profile pics from the Most Replied to/Liked/Liked by lists, I noticed this for the first time last week, but this doesn’t affect avatars anywhere else on the forum as far as I’ve seen

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But I wanna see all the beautiful pics from the people I love the most! D: :broken_heart:


Agreed! :broken_heart::durtle_stabby:


I can’t see your emojis either.

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I didn’t even realize this until you said something about it D:

Frantically looks up how to reverse this abomination with a userscript


@viet Any idea what’s going on? I can submit something with Discourse, but I don’t have much to tell them.

No idea. What does the browser’s console show?

We would have to report this to Discourse. I am not experiencing the issue though…

Have the people experiencing this issue did a hard refresh?

It’s been an issue on my iPhone, so no console or hard refresh. Regular refresh doesn’t help at all.

According to the infamous poll thread, at least a few others are experiencing this problem as well.

I get it occasionally on my work computer, sometimes only (all) images missing, sometimes the page loads but it’s totally blank. I was chalking it up to flaky net-nanny-type routing, but maybe it’s related. It never happens on my phone or at home.

Your image shows that my avatar loads just fine, so I’m not seeing the issue here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried clearing your cache? I’m no expert, but it’s worth a shot

I was gonna try that today if it’s still happening.

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