Avatar of the webapp only working with gravatar

If you upload a picture on the forum it working but it not reflected to the web app.
I had to link a gravatar to have my avatar in web app.

This is not a bug. The app and forums are two different pieces of software.


Not to mention the website even says:

You can manage your profile avatar with Gravatar

Lack of choice and you have to make an account to gravatar.
The fact it’s two separate app doesnt mean anything since the picture can be shared, level is already shared between site.
Why allow flexbility on the forum and not on app, it pretty usefull to see different avatar on the leaderboard for exemple even if it’s not an official script.
I said it’s a bug, but maybe they simply miss this part, settings should be shared amongst their website they did it but partialy.

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Yeah. Like the checklist.

But in all seriousness, this forum isn’t a Tofugu site. This is a Discourse site.

Yes but like most forum there’s a db behind it, and you can access data to a certain extend and some time even trough an api that is the case for discourse.
Im coding web app (project manager) just to make thing clear and avoid endless discussions :vulcan_salute:🤦:stuck_out_tongue:.

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