I'm in LOVE with Wanikani!

Yes we’re totally stoked. And my daughter is getting weekly Japanese tutoring as well so it’s truly exciting. We’re hoping to go to Japan in a couple years!


Woohoo! yes!! So happy to be on the journey together!


That’s great that you and your family are doing it together. I hope you have a long and informative journey together and keep each other motivated through the ups and downs!

Wanikani is awesome, and a great way to learn Kanji.

However, it won’t teach you Japanese! You’ll need other resources for that. (For example, learning the alphabet and a whole bunch of words would not make a non-English speaker able to speak or understand English).


That’s what I hear. I’m told that by level 10 it’s time to start studying grammar? Tofugu recommends using the Genki series of books. any other recommendations?

As others have said in this thread, WK won’t teach you Japanese on its own; you will need a path to follow.

I recommend, when you want to start in on grammar, find a book like GENKI, TaeKim, IMABI, etc and start.

If you like the SRS method, check out BunPro. It does SRS for grammar like WK does for kanji. In this case, check out BunPro, see if you like it. If you do and want to invest in that tool, I very highly recommend you choose a “path” they have available to follow and use that book/online resource to learn grammar, using BunPro to stick it in your noggin’ like WK does kanji.

There is also

BunPo that is similar to BunPro, however it doesn’t have a web version, only apps on Android and iOS.

You should also troll through this thread for next steps as well!

And as always, if you have any questions we are all here to help!

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Checking out Bunpro…Looks great! I suppose I’ll level up in WK a bit then augment my day with some of this. Thanks for the info, Slerched!


Just be sure to pick a book or web resource they pair BunPro with to help reenforce what you are practicing.

You can pair with any of these options:

If you go with GENKI, there is a third edition of it. My understanding is it follows the same order as 2nd edition but adjusts some conversations and such in the text. So if you buy into 3rd edition, you can still use BunPro, no problem.

Minna no Nihongo, AIAIJ, and Tobira are physical books (may have eBooks). Tae Kim is a free online resource. And BunPro also links to external web resources for explanation so it is possible you could still learn grammar without the book path.

Figure out works for you and your family and enjoy the journey!

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Thank you so much! We’re planning on going with Genki. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it. When did you start learning grammar?

Thank you so much! We’re planning on going with Genki. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it. When did you start learning grammar?

Sorry for this novel…

Well… so…my story is hopefully not normal? And I, 100% without hesitation or doubt, do not recommend a single person follow my path! :smiley: I mean, up until I buckled down to actually learn in the last 8 months anyway. :rofl:

I’m 41 at this point and have been “learning” Japanese for 20+ years now. “Learning” because large portions were just me watching Anime or a J-Drama and being able to follow some conversation. I succesfully sat through multiple meetings in Japan with colleagues where they were amazed I could follow 70% of the conversation. I just can’t really speak because that takes practice.

So I would say I have been studying grammar loosely for 20 years.
In terms of when I REALLY started on BunPro, amazed at how much I know, it was 84 days ago. I’ve been on WaniKani for 207 days ago. I believe I was roughly at level 12-15 when I started BunPro officially?

And if you are asking when I would recommend starting grammar, my answer would be, do it now. If you wait until you are comfortable, you won’t start (or that is my problem!).

Many books are written with the assumption you know nothing about Japanese. As such, the sooner you start immersing yourself in Japanese, the sooner you get further down the road. Of course, starting at Level 10 WK you will know more of the Kanji, but even at level 20 there were Kanji did not know yet. But don’t wait until you get to WK Level 60 to jump into grammar just because by then you think you will know all the kanji. Use Genki to study kanji outside of WK. Make flashcards. Add it to an Excel spreadsheet or whatever and just start learning them outside WK as well (WK is great but you will eventually have to learn kanji outside WK since it only covers 2000+ and there are so many more that aren’t included that you will encounte).

All that said, I am using Genki. I am struggling with motivation with it. I don’t have anyone to work with so doing the activities, then having to try to self grade them leaves a lot to be desired. Which is why I would also recommend Genki Exercises that makes it much simpler to work through Genki and the workbook for painful introverted introverts like me.

If you like that Genki Exercises site, at the top there is a link for the 3rd print edition if you end up with 3rd edition.

My problem with Genki is content. I am old. I am not in college. Learning college and school related vocabulary and so on just sucks some of the fun out of it. But it really is a great resource to work through in my experience.

Hope this helps you in some way!

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Thanks, Slerched! I really appreciate hearing your story of how you learned Japanese. I have been into Japanese culture since I was a kid, but have only appreciated the visual aspect, being intimidated by learning the language. But now that my wife and kid are both into it, I feel SO inspired! I believe starting now with grammar is a great idea. Perhaps I’ll buy the Genki book before Bunpro and browse it first? I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes! Thanks again for the insight :slight_smile:

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Bunpro offers a trial so check it out. If you like it, invest!

If the three of you want in on BunPro though, I could see your journey becoming pretty expensive when life time subscriptions are so expensive, and they don’t offer group discounts. Then Genki adds to that as well.

Though maybe if you email WK and/or BunPro they would make an offer for 3 people? No clue but the WK support folks have been AWESOME in my limited experience needing them!

Definitely keep my apprised of your family’s journey! Exciting to see a family learning together! Wish my wife would be the same but, well, everyone is different and since she already knows 5 languages, not sure I should push that… :smiley:

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I’m really glad to see this thread pop up! I’m also just at level 4 and have quite the journey ahead of me :muscle: so far I haven’t missed a single day of doing my reviews. I might not be able to do levels super fast due to me working full time, but just seeing others around the same levels as me is giving me motivation to continue on as well.
I’ve been doing Grammar studies with BunPro and started on Genki (though I’m taking that a lot slower then WaniKani). I also got the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and it is amazing, especially together with BunPro.


Awesome! Good to be on the journey with you. I’m going to get Ganki first and see where it goes. Honestly, just WK is a brain-full for me! :crazy_face:


Ah, that’s a good idea, asking for group discounts!

The comradery is just a facade…for in truth, we are all prisoners here…


I’m definitely locked in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Slerched,

Looking at the Genki books on Amazon. Is it important for me to get the 3rd edition? or will previous editions work for the Bunpro app?

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BunPro actually follows the 2nd print version.

Thing is though, as I understand it (I am using 2nd edition), the changes in the third print are updated sentences such, not the order in which you learn the grammar points. The grammar structure is the grammar structure and you learn them in the same chapters.

You should have no problem following along in BunPro using 2nd or 3rd print. If you can find 1st print cheap, no idea if that would work with BunPro though. Way before my time using Genki. :smiley:

Here’s the “learning path” Genki info from BunPro where it states 2nd edition:



Awesome, Thanks!!!