I'm buried under a mountain of reviews

I became a parent and started doing a second job, and so I haven’t kept up with WaniKani for the past few months.

I know: No new lessons. Use an app with Anki-like swiping to make things faster. Trust the algorithm. Etc.

I just wanted to share my pain.


Sounds like you’ve got a plan so I’ll just say good luck and hang in there! :four_leaf_clover:
Also congrats on the offspring!


Ganbatte kudasai

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Also, go into WK settings and set the Reviews sort order to Lower Levels First, at least until you catch up. It was added a few months ago to help people work off a backlog.


sort reviews be WK or SRS level (the former in settings, the later with a script). maybe reset a few levels, so that you remove most items which you only ever got to guru1 or so, as you’ll have to relearn most of those anyway. do about 100 reviews a day. persevere.

i’ve come back from two interruptions like that (health-reasons in my case), with piles of 1600 and 1800. it might take you two months, but you’ll get there. and the day you reach zero reviews will feel grand!

edit: sorting reviews is important, otherwise, when you’ve got this many reviews, the srs breaks.

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