If you're having a hard time getting through WaniKani


Thank you. That is very helpful.


Jesus m8, I get demotivated at a 150+ queue! Good job keeping your motivation


Something key to staying motivated for me is to only do lessons when I go below 50 items on apprentice level. As soon as I hit 49 apprentice I do a set of 3 lessons.

The rest of the time I try to clear out my reviews 10 items at a time with my wrap up button at bathroom/lunch breaks during my day.

Both of these help me to keep my overall reviews low and keep me motivated as I tend to do better learning only a few at a time, otherwise I get really discouraged when I don’t know the answer.


It’s like you read my mind, Annoying my friends with unsollicited lessons and getting excited over recognizing a single kanji in a textwall of gibberish truly is what makes it all worth it.


As to bullet point number 4–I totally get that, after getting extremely exited that I could translate the wrapper on a cute toy, and my Ninja Turtles shirt I found at a thrift store, that says “miyutanto tatorusu” in katakana. The thrill of that kind of thing keeps me going.


Hehe, I would have never made it this far if I didn’t get the pleasure of annoying everyone I know with my nihongo.

Also, speaking of recognizing random texts: One day I got drunk and switched my computer’s language to Japanese. I haven’t figured out how to switch it back, but I kinda don’t want to anyway, and I’d actually recommend you guys to also switch :upside_down_face: Every once in a while I decipher a thing, some recent catches include ごみ箱 and 無題 (Recycle Bin and Untitled). That Untitled was an especially sweet catch, I guessed both the reading and the reading without ever sticking my nose into any kind of dictionary.


For me, the first 10 levels or so were pretty smooth sailing and I levelled up in around 9 days per level. Now, the next levels are not only harder, but I’m busier - work, going back to uni soon, mental health flare ups (gah), trying to learn another 2 languages (…) alongside Japanese, one of which is for my degree, so mastering it is super important. I’ve used vacation mode quite a bit in the last few weeks for a few days at a time. I’m still working down from 500 reviews - over this past week, I’ve been tackling them when I have time in batches of around 50. The lowest I’ve got to is 167. I’m currently close to 300 again.

But despite that, I am still making progress. It’s surprising sometimes how much I can remember, even if there are still a whole bunch of vocab and kanji that come up and I just have NO CLUE.

The thing is, 60 levels is a lot. That’s 2,000 kanji, right? 6,000 words?

That’s no piece of cake. And especially when learning Japanese super fast isn’t your priority, it’s fine to take WK at your own pace. My stats page isn’t a neat, level graph, but I’m still learning! I was able to read ‘Tokyo’ that was on a H&M shirt in kanji! Or recognise the odd word on a Japanese restaurant! Once I couldn’t remember how to say ‘archaeology’ in German but I could say it in Japanese! Those are all really cool achievements, even if they’re small.

I mean, we’re all here, right? Serving the Crabgaitor bit by bit will still get us where we want to go.


This is so true, especially when learning a language.


Some people can do it faster (I read some guy did 60 levels in less then 2 years), and for some takes longer. I finished 50 lessons, and i will take a break after 3 and the half years of spending between 1 to 3 hours per day. 4000 burnt items, I will just do reviews for rest, until i burn all 7500. The reason I stop is because I want to start learning Japanese, and my level of kanji is now probably around N2, and my Japanese is level N5. Unfortunately, when can one learn other aspects of language (grammar, conversation, listening), if he only studies kanji? Simply it is a full time commitment, and I feel I need 5-6 hours per day which I don’t have. So kanji goes on ice.


Thank you for the advice! I’m having a hard time to progress (plus I haven’t learned katakana yet) but at least I’m trying to do my reveals. I’ve never think about giving up but this post gave me determination. Thank you again!


Exactly what I needed to read right now. Great advice, well said. Thank you for posting it.


I hear you! This sums up my life perfectly.


Happy to not feel alone. One of the things starting me on the kanji-journey was me laughtíng aloud at reading 金魚 on a crate in a pet shop. :blush:


BTW, an I stupid or have I missed something? How do you split your reviews into batches? Mine are still one bog parcel, almost too big to handle sometimes.


Under the bar where you type in your answer there’s a little clock you can press which allows you to ‘wrap up’ and finish the next 10 reviews and then exit. Helpful for if you don’t have much time :smiley:


The button with the little clock when you’re doing reviews! I figured this out SO LATE and it helps so much when the batch is big and you have only little time…


THANKS! :clock7: :hearts:




Last night I was trying to get the girl behind me in line at the grocery store to stand still so I could try to read the kanji and katakana on her shirt. :wink:


Holy guacamole thank you! So many times at work I’m trying to reviews during my break (which is only 10 minutes) and trying to get through 50 of them is impossible!