If you're having a hard time getting through WaniKani


Hey guys.
I did it.

I came back from the dead. It was literally over 500 reviews, but I did it!


thank you!


Thank you!


I’ll scroll up to read more responses later, but this is where I’m at right now. I’m stuck in intermediate hell, where I get annoyed seeing things I’ve known FOR YEARS pop up as just one more thing to burn and simultaneously feel bogged down with stuff that I just can’t seem to get to stick in my head. Items that go all the way up to Enlightened and then fall down to Apprentice over and over and over and over again.

I think I’ve even started making nega-mnemonics, meaning that I’ve memorized the error and keep making it repeatedly. For example 商 always gives me a problem. I know it’s read as しょう and I instantly think “business” (show business) but it’s actually merchandise. I keep making the same stupid error like 15 times and that gets lodged in there, but the actual meaning? That slides out like teflon.

I want to get to around level 25/30 because I know the kanji there are things I’ve never seen before so I’m sure I will feel a “second wind” of excitement then but right now it just feels so excruciating.


How about creating some personal mnemonics for the problem cases? This one is from KKLC. You should see 商 as a businessman standing 立 over a box 冂 with some goods inside (one of 品). The goods are the merchandise, he is selling it.



I fell again


when i returned after 3 years, i powered through 1800 reviews in one session. did it again when 500 of them came back 2 weeks later. that bought me a solid month till they’ll return once again.
i prefer making it quick and painful over long and painful. of course, that happened when i had a month at the office and would be difficult to pull off right now.
i made 3 levels since, the 4th will be due tonight.

so yeah, if you time it right, you can significantly reduce such a mountain and then spread out the fallout.


Quite a symbolic burn, when trying to get back to it.

I’m not giving up!