If you sign up for the JLPT with a group reservation (ie through a language school) when can you see your results?

I was signed up for the JLPT (first in summer 2020, then postponed to winter 2020) as a part of a group application with my language school in Tokyo and took the test in December. I was chatting with my roommate the other day about how results are meant to be posted next week Monday, when she said to me “but will you be able to see yours online? Because you didn’t register yourself?” and it hit me that, I have no idea whether I will be able to access my results online or whether I will have to wait until they are mailed out in February.

The agony of waiting for the results of this test are bad enough, but I could really use the result (provided it’s positive) to help me upgrade my part time job situation. Does anyone here have experience taking the test as part of a group application through a school who can shed light on whether I will be able to check the result on the MyJLPT online portal or by any means other than waiting for the mailed results in February? Having to wait that much longer would be absolute beans.

Also sorry if this question has been asked before but the sheer volume of results that came up when I searched made it impossible to be certain. :sweat_smile: Thanks!


You should contact your school for details.

To check results online you need your personal password, which you normally provide yourself at registration.


I’ve taken the JLPT in the past so I have an online profile, but I don’t know if it’s linked to whatever the school did when they signed me up.

I think you get a new login at every new test date, though. You get a test takers code that includes the date and location of the test. Your best bet is to call or email your school for more information. Or to read back through the school documents to see if it wasn’t mentioned somewhere.

You don’t need to get a new login for every test unless you’ve forgotten the old one and made another each time. I’ve been using the same online profile since 2016 and can see all of my JLPT history on that page, which is why it didn’t occur to me that it may not be posted there this time around until my roommate mentioned it. My language school is tiny and has no documentation about the test. I’ll be going there tomorrow to pick up worksheets for our online classes so I can ask them then, but to be honest they have a track record of being technology illiterate and bad at communication, which is why I opted to ask in these forums first. If I find out I’ll post the answer here for posterity, but I may end up having to just wait and see what happens.

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A bit late but I figured I’d update this thread in case anyone comes looking for it in the future. My paper notification arrived at my language school on February 9th and I was able to pick it up then. So, if you apply through a school or other institution via a group reservation, you will likely have to wait for the paper results to arrive and for your school/company to share them with you. If possible, I highly recommend just applying on your own.

That said, I passed! Mixed feelings as I barely scraped by in language knowledge and reading, but absolutely destroyed the listening. I’m studying at language school with the sole purpose being to fix these skill imbalances, so it looks like I’ll really need to buckle down on reading and vocabulary before taking N2.

Language Knowledge: 27/60
Reading: 30/60
Listening: 60/60

Passed with Bs in both vocab and grammar.


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