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Hi Wanikani Team,

Total newb here. I’ve been using WK for about a month. However not new to 日本語。I can speak, but only know 200 or so Kanji, and I’m here to change that!

Two suggestions.

1). Put the on’yomi reading in katakana, so it’s easier to distinguish and remeber which reading is on, and which one in kun. A lot of KAnji dictionaries do this.

2). Put furigana above the unlearned kanji in the reviews and examples.



Both of these have been proposed many times.

There’s no real reason to present the onyomi in katakana, because the only time you’ll ever see that is in a dictionary, so why teach people that they should be writing kanij readings in onyomi? When furigana is written with kanji, you’re not going to see katakana for the onyomi and hiragana for the kunyomi.

About the first one - there’re a lot of api usercripts and one of them is transforming onyomi into katakana. You can search the forum for additional scripts if you want. [userscript] Transform on'yomi readings into katakana 2.1.4
/I don’t know if it’s still usable though/

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