Can on'yomi answers be typed in katakana?

I notice that when giving on’ readings, Jisho always provides them in katakana. Will wanikani accept katakana as correct for on readings of kanji, specifically?

it’ll count it wrong if you do


I’m confident that you’ll be pleased with this userscript.


That’s a dictionary convention. Like giving pronunciations in IPA in an English dictionary. It’s not related to real-world writing.

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No, and it shouldn’t really.

Kanji doesn’t use katakana. Dictionaries do this as a convention and to distinguish between the two types of reading to make it easier to see.

Correct or not I think this would help my katakana literacy a lot :sweat_smile:

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(Same… I might actually be able to remember over half of the characters instantly)

But the purist in me says no :cry:

I can identify all the katakana, but writing them from memory takes a while. Either I forget or confuse them with hiragana

I don’t get it though, how is either hiragana or katakana more “pure” than the other? The reading is strictly phonetic, and carries no semantic meaning.

If you want to get ‘pure’; historically katakana was used a lot more, and okurigana were in katakana, not hiragana.

“Historically”… yeah, but it’s not anymore XD

That’s like saying, if you want pure, write in ancient Japanese.

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Well, you said it … :stuck_out_tongue:

(In other words, there is no such thing as pure, in language, and rarely in anything else, in reality)

But in any case neither katakana nor hiragana is “more pure” for on’yomi. Since kun’yomi is usually written in hiragana if kanji is absent it’s a more natural choice for kun’yomi.

So is onyomi… Katakana has some usages in text, but none of them are related to kun or on origin.

If you write ホン for “book” just because that word is the onyomi, everyone is going to think that’s odd.

Must be French.

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Retourne te cacher, vite ! :secret:

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Don’t worry, french is not a real language, it’s just a meme french people came up with


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