Idea for an improvement to the review algorithm

It would be sweet if the algorithm could be modified so that anytime someone gets an answer wrong, the next kanji is never that same one. I find that I never remember repeats nearly as well because I’ve just seen the correct answer so it didn’t actually take any powers of recall to get it right on round two.


I am not sure if I see that having any significance though, as you need to correctly answer both the reading and the meaning to advance the Kanji.


True, but for example, if I know the meaning and have already gotten it correct, but I get an incorrect reading and then it immediately pops back up on screen, I don’t have to dig into my memory to figure out the correct reading, because wanikani just told me the right answer 5 seconds prior. If the algorithm were to prevent a double like that from ever happening, I’d always have to answer a few others first and then re-remember the one I’d previously missed - making it stick better.


I think that when you check the correct answer, the next item will be the same. If you didn’t it won’t necessarily be.

In any case, it doesn’t really matter since failing one answer means the item will get demoted and you will see the item 2 more reviews before it’s back where it was in SRS-level. That should be enough to help you memorize it better. And if not, then consider doing some leech training of the items you’re struggling with.

Good luck with your studies.

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I’m pretty sure it’s random regardless.

Except OP’s point is that if the situation they described happens, they are more likely to get the next review wrong too, so the SRS rank will drop further. You could say that if they get it wrong again it means they don’t know the item well enough, but the point is that the reason they still don’t know it is because of the described flaw in WaniKani’s algorithm.

Personally, I agree with OP’s suggestion. Whether it’s WaniKani or another SRS application, I hate when I get a review wrong and it immediately comes up for rereview without at least one item in between. I feel like when that happens I never learn the item properly and am more likely to forget it again later.




When it happens I just skip it / push it in the review queue (using scripts / android app)

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It was purely random the last time I looked at the code.

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I agree it would work better if they did this. Until they make this change you can use something like Later Crabigator to push the review to the end of the session. That’s what I did when I encountered those situations.

In the long run, I doubt it matters.


Correct, and OP suggests that this should be doable without scripts/app.

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The way I approach this in Anki is I take a break before redoing the items I dropped to the bottom (“0 day interval”) of a deck, for instance by either doing another deck, making tea or distracting myself in another way to forget about the cards.

I think something like that could also work in WaniKani if “wrong” items were dropped to the bottom of the review pile instead of being mixed back into it.