Idea for a script that marks items as unnecessary to review

We all know that 三 means three, right? Well, it would  be splendid if certain items could be marked with a “no need to review”, and a procedure would follow as such:
1: marked item pops up
2: answer is automatically filled
3: move on to next object

I am wasting my time by reviewing items that I feel I would never ever forget, no matter if 80 years passed. 三 just comes naturally, three lines, is pronounced “san”, and means three.

But there’s always a catch. One could just mark every item in existence on Wanikani, and just watch as the screen flickers in blue, purple and pink, eventually getting the seizure of the year. But you know, even though a knife can be used as a weapon, it can still be used as a tool, right? The same with this plugin. Only thing I’m thinking of is how on earth one can really mark an item, as I don’t think there’s a way to add an item to some sort of list.

My main point is faster reviews, more productive learning.

I take it you already knew a lot of kanji before WK?  Although I had a few items that I knew I would never forget, it didn’t cross my mind to want to bypass them.  I’m not being critical… just curious.

Never had any experience with kanji before I entered Wanikani, and I see the probability of marking an item I think I’ll remember, but then 2 months later I have forgotten the meaning and/or reading. If this plugin existed, it would only be used on a  small fraction of the content in Wanikani, words, radicals and kanji I am strikingly familiar with.

Ahh, I see.
Most of the radicals are that way for me.  I’ve always had a pretty extensive study habit, but I rarely had to spend any time on the radicals.  And, of course, simple stuff like the numbers, etc… stuff that most people get exposed to very early and frequently.

Intresting idea… But also a dangerous one. But it’s like you said, a knife can be a weapon but also a tool.

I don’t really think you’re saving that much time. 
If you already know it, then answer correctly and move on. :slight_smile: If it takes you like 4 seconds per each level, youd be saving like what, 30 seconds tops, per kanji you believe you already know?
There’s also the very dangerous position that, yeah, you enlighten one and are SO sure you know it, and then never see it again and you forget it, then here comes the burning and you may have gotten it wrong. 4 months is a pretty long time

I understand where you’re comming from but how much time are you really losing to items that you feel you’re fluent in? Putting aside the danger argument for a moment (I agree with your point on that and anyone that really wants to cheat at WK can do so anyway without a plugin/script), it seems it would take someone more time to code a workaround than would cummulatively be saved by those who use it. If I missed out a few words from this last sentance I don’t think I would have saved myself much time overall for the very reason that thesde words come easily to me.

Here’s the science bit:
Foolish assumption no 1: You wouldn’t mark something to ignore until you’d got it to Guru anyway.
Foolish assumption no 2: You really did know the item inside out and would definately get it right 100% of the time.

In this case you would see the item only 4 more times until it’s burned and those instances will be spread over a period of just under 6 months if you’re prompt in your reviews. If we’re talking vocab here then that’s eight responses needed each requiring maybe two seconds. If you have 100 items you think you can ignore then that’s thirteen minutes and twenty seconds saved over a six month period. I bet it would take around that amount of time to seek, download/install and configure a plug-in to your requirements (if it existed) so you need to ignore more than 100 items before you even start to save any time at all.

Like I say, I understand where you’re comming from but the maths just doesn’t add up for me.

I’d have to agree with the others. I knew a few kanji (川、鳥 for instance) before coming to wanikani. The time it took me to get through the reviews of kanji I already knew was negligible and only filled me with joy to see them because I could compare with what I already knew (how far I’ve come,) or focus on learning the alternate reading if it had one or even having a feeling of seeing an ‘old friend’/familiar ‘face’. Setting up a script to reduce the amount of kanji I see that I already know would take more time and effort than just simply doing them.

If you know 三  is three, it should take you less than a second to deal with it. 

Also, your “main point” should just be “My opinion”.

After looking at the comments, I must say I changed my mind. If I already know it, it doesn’t add up that much time, just answer and move on, no need of taking lots of time in considering what radicals/kanji/vocab to mark

During reviews, I enjoy the items I know well. It gives me a moment to breathe and confidence for the items I have trouble with later on.

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