I'd like a Lesson Forecast

Would be nice to have a lesson forecast just like the review forecast where we can see when new lessons will be introduced.
I get excited checking my review forecast and I can manage my time in such a way that I have time for most reviews every day, I’d like to know when lessons show up too for the same reason.

I guess lessons are introduced when you upgrade/ level-up a certain % or number of your items (radicals, vocab, kanji), maybe the lesson forecast can show up according to that and change (be delayed) automatically until you upgrade enough items.


Generally speaking, radical and kanji (where you know all radicals) and vocab (where you know all kanji) lessons are introduced on level-up while the remaining items are introduced whenever you guru the necessary prerequisites (i.e. when you guru a radical, you get the kanji that need it, and when you guru a kanji, you get the vocab that need it). Therefore it’s a bit hard to predict when you will guru those items…

If you want to get a general overview of the upcoming items, I can recommend https://www.wkstats.com .


Lessons get unlocked with any radical or kanji you level up to guru. But not with vocab. All items are on an individual timeline (though they tend to group according to how you group your lessons, as long as you get them all correct).

I usually check my dashboard where I have the script [Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus installed. But I think ou can see it on the vanilla dashboard as well. I look at how far along my kanji and radicals are, and when the next review of the furthest along items is. And when I will likely unlock new lessons.


I didn’t know there were so many things you can do with the reports, thanks for sharing! I keep trying to read community posts, since I’m new here, there’s so much I still have to try. Thank you!

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