I think WaniKani is stuck!

it shows on my dashboard incorrectly but if i click on reviews, it goes back to where it was.
it does that when you come out of vacation as well.


WK team has responded. They say that as soon as you can solve Wordle in 1 guess, your WK review numbers will return to normal.


@WaniMeKani roll 6d6


Was just about to lvl up. Can I still do new reviews and get lessons, even front page data is not updated? Gonna change my day plan if this doesn’t work.

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I’ve see there have been a lot of posts about this on the forum, but the problem hasn’t happened for me. I wonder if it’s country specific?

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I actually came to the forums to see if anyone else had the same issue… glad to see it’s not just me!!


Same happened to me just now after I finished my reviews and ranked up to Level 13. WaniKani is showing I have 178 Reviews and 0 Lessons, but when I click on Reviews there’s nothing there. And if I click on Lessons, there’s 99 of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to be some kind of bug affecting pretty much everyone right now, so let’s hope they fix it quick!

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Just happened to me too.

I got to the summary page of all the answers correctly showing what I missed and what I got right but once I got to the home screen again, it was as if did no reviews.

Yes - everything seems to be running normally in terms of new reviews/lessons, it’s just not displaying correctly on the front page.

I think there is a problem with the dashboard only. The information there is partly messed up. Not only the number of reviews but also the panels New unlocks and Burned items are showing incorrect data.

yeah it’s stuck for everybody, they probably know already so don’t bother sending messages.

it is stuck on website but then I checked flaming durtles and it is correct the number of reviews for me.


Same issue. Normally I just reload the page and they go away but not this time.

Stuck for me too.

Same here!
And I hope they will resolve it “imasugu” :thinking:

Looking in the web inspector, it seems the entire dashboard page is being rendered server-side, review counts and all. I’m guessing they have a back-end call being cached too aggressively. You know what they say, there are only two hard problems in computer science: naming things, cache invalidation and off-by-one errors.

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Oh, man, my favorite computer science joke (seriously, I use that one too often).

You’re right, it’s a caching issue. We’ve got a fix winding it’s way through the robot approval process and it should be live in the next 20 or 30 minutes. Thanks for the patience, everyone!


I’m having the same issue! I finished my reviews but it isn’t saying I finished them! It’s showing I have 77 left.

The fix is up — everyone should be getting the right counts in the right places. Caching is notoriously tricky, though, so let us know if you keep experiencing stuck counts.