When did it start to become too much?

Currently level 11 and I’m managing well in keeping up with my reviews (except when review time happens when I’m asleep). but it is starting to become a little hectic; At what point/level did you realize “wow this is an insane number of reviews”. What is your threshold for “too many reviews” in a session?


At level 32 I came back after some hibernation due to other priorities and the reviews piled up into the 600-800+ range as I was only doing 25 reviews a day and no lessons (until reviews were under control). Eventually I upped that to 50, which started to lessen the review pile, then I went to 40 until I hit 0 reviews after about 5 months.

Now I’m keeping my apprentice items under 25 and taking it slowly; doing too much too fast just makes things difficult in the future and leaves less time for using other resources like Bunpro (grammar) & Anki (vocab).


Are you saying 600-800+ per day?? :hushed:

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I took a couple breaks on the way to 60:

When I was consistently above 200+ a day I slowed down. Feels really good to restart lessons when only 50 or so reviews happen a day. During the middle break I also took a trip to Japan, and didn’t want to feel the need to do reviews while traveling.


Well mine started to be 120 review per day. Which is pretty hard. I can manage to finish them well… in one go but i will miss a lot


The fast levels almost did me in, because they hit you with everything all at once.


No, I mean the pile built up to about that and I chipped away at it over 5 months to get it back to 0.


You’re at about the level that I started thinking I should scale back a bit. I was getting around 250-300 reviews a day (around 150 apprentice items). That wouldn’t have been so bad, but waking up to 150+ reviews was killing my motivation.

I made a few changes and have been keeping a careful eye on my Apprentice counts, specifically on how many level 1 and 2s I have, and it seems to be working better. Planning lesson times so fewer will accumulate overnight also helped me a lot.


about 6 levels ago… jk
but I am starting to feel it though. I only do reviews about 1 a day (within a span of 8hrs) 5 days out of the week. I get a lot of reviews daily, but I feel conflicted. I want to go faster (would like a 2 week level up, vs the current 1m level ups), but don’t want to overwhelm myself. I’m still trying to find the balance.

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Late teens, early twenties I was regularly doing 200+ reviews per day, with occasional 400 and 500 + days.

This felt like a lot, and took some grit, but actually enjoyed getting some music on and bashing them out ! :slight_smile:

I’ve chilled my speed a lot this year, and stopped lessons leading up to a trip to Japan. To the point where i can’t imaging doing that many reviews !

once items start coming back for burn review, you will soon feel…the burn :grin:


Short answer: When it becomes too heavy to lift up.

Long answer:


Ok, here’s the real one.

I listen to my dashboard. I treat reviews like lifting up weights at the gym. I don’t lift up any weights heavier than what I can lift up. I won’t lift up 100 kg when I can only do 60 kg on bench press. And ability to do 60 kg wasn’t an overnight ability either.

I suggest you to lower your guru numbers. And be friend with Self Study Quiz at the very least.

How low? Idk. That depends on the individual preference.

Your dashboard numbers

My dashboard numbers

My :fox_face: dashboard numbers

People say a picture speaks a thousand words.

@Oshin says: Number on Dashboard and Profile page speaks. Avatar speaks. Chatting speaks. Trying to spit out more than three but I can’t.

Translation: I may be intimidated if I put my :fox_face: dashboard number to my :crabigator: dashboard number, but I know what works for me and what not.

I learn a lot from this forum.

A lot.

I saw people, cats, dogs and other species come and go.

Kind senpai here showed me how dashboard number speaks. But I can’t speak about how this dashboard number speaks because miaou.

Ok, I must stop myself before rambling and being carried away in my own contemplation.

Try to lower your guru numbers until you’re comfortable with your reviews. When that time comes, learn your lessons again. And what time is that when when when? Only you can tell, because I don’t use people’s concept of time.


I just want to tag @Redglare because purr purr purr
Oh Wind, thank you for whispering beautiful music to me.


I use the Tsurukame iOS app to help manage my reviews. It’ll show when the next 12 hours of reviews will occur. This helps me approximate when I need to hop on my reviews when the release rather than just doing them all at once (doing work hours I just sneak off into the bathroom to “take a really phat dump”. Since WaniKani just updated the dashboard I’m hoping that this kinda feature is added in the future.


Also since most reviews happen in like 12 hour increments (meaning one passed kanji will be reviewed next in about 12ish hours), having the visual schedule lets me strategically clear my reviews. Though I do hate level transitions when you get dumped with a bunch of the previous level’s vocab and new level’s kanji.

I may be “newish” to Wanikani, I’m trying to fly through the levels as fast as possible since I know most of the early kanji but so far this technique is seems to be alright (though it doesn’t work so well with Bunpro).

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yeah, it’s not only the apprentice items - gurus need to be in check, too.


Every 10 levels, often a bit faster😅


I took a three week break after I unlocked level 25. I was feeling overwhelmed from work and other commitments, and just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I’m back in it now and it’s not as bad as I anticipated. Going to try to go a bit slower these next levels and see if that helps.

I can manage about 150-200 reviews per day, but I’d like to get it down to 100.


Wait, hold up. Have I misunderstood or are you saying it’s possible to look at other people’s dashboards? I feel all exposed all of a sudden :fearful:


Fast Levels and more than 300 review per day

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Start slowly, make a schedule if you need to and take things at you own pace. Burn out sucks and if you can avoid it even if a little by structure and getting organized to tackle the mountain of reviews it might save you time nerves and make you cram more effective and efficiant it is worth it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yep. you can replace my username here with yours or anyone else’s to see someone else’s progress.


i’m at 70ish apprentice items right now, but close to 300 guru. that means, i’ll stop lessons until guru is below 150. app 100, guru 150 is my current pain threshold.