I just started again after a year away and I feel l need to go back to level 1

Hey friends,

I’m curious if anyone has advice on the best ways to start back up with WaniKani after a long time away. I barely remember any of the ones that aren’t burned, and even going back through my burned items I have a low success rate. What do you recommend?

Thank you!!

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Go five levels back in the Self-study quiz. If you’re doing poorly, rinse and repeat, until you know which level to reset to.


Go back to 1.

WK builds on previous levels and if that knowledge is spotty you’re in for a rough ride. And WK is constantly changing, mnemonics, radicals, names change. Nothing worth saving at this point.

I restarted a while back. The goal is not to finish Wanikani, the goal is to memorize words and kanji. I am glad I restarted, because 1. it showed me I did remember most of the kanji and vocabs 2. it showed me I didn’t remember a sizeable chunk of them despite having burnt them a long time ago.


I can recommend 2 different paths:

  1. Reset to level 1. It’s been a year and unless you have been practicing your reading somewhere else, it’s going to be tough to recall most of it.

  2. Download the script “Burn Manager”. It will allow you to reset the SRS level of items back to ‘apprentice’ and then you can re-learn your backlog of thousands of items at your own pace without resetting your level.

Resent to a level that you’re less than 98% confident in. If that level is level 1, start over. If your break is due to you reading a lot in Japanese, then continue and just coast for a bit and get your reviews down and start from there.

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