I never thought it would happen to me

Alright so here is a bit of a more hardcore approach.

About 2 weeks or so i came back to WK after like half a year of doing 0 studying. I had about 1750 reviews to tackle and was on the verge of giving up, potentially resetting to lvl 1.
Thankfully i did not. Instead i got me the finest weapons the WK realm has to offer and straightup climbed that mountain in about 3 days.

Here´s how:

  1. No lessons until you got 0 Reviews, <100 apprentice items and <500 guru items.
  2. Either install the Anki Mode user script or straight up use the Flaming Durtles App. This will make the grind incredibly fast, which allowed me to to ~700 reviews a day relatively easiy.
  3. Ignore what i would call “micro-mistakes” like answering with す instead of ず for the time being. Just mark them as correct, it´s not worth it to think about these right now.
  4. Same as marking super similiar readings as correct, you should do the same with meanings, e.g. answering with “wages” instead of “salary” or something like that. It´s fine for now, you have more important things to think about.

  1. Once you´re done with the reviews, don´t be discouraged. You will probably get 50% right at maximum. It´s fine, SRS got you covered in the next few days and weeks.
  2. You will have probably forgotten a lot of kanji and thus words that are associated with them. Solution: Self-Study script! Do “all burned kanji” through ALL levels. If you get a kanji wrong → Ressurrect. Kanji are more important than words, once you remember the kanji, the words will follow.
  3. Read. It´s crucial to reinforce all your burned items now with native context before it´s too late. Just keep at it, the first few days are hell, but then you will be back in best shape in no time! Good Luck, no matter which approach you choose.

Disclaimer: Possibly only works for a certain type of learner. Personally i like being the one in charge over my little kanji subordinates as fast as possible so this worked like a charm for me!

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Depending how many come back around again within that week - could be more :expressionless:

Good luck @novakac !!

it’s been done before! good luck!


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