I made it to the top!


This gives me angst. :slight_smile:

So far, things don’t seem noticeably more difficult in the forties, but I’m starting to wonder what the final ten levels will be like. So far, I’ve seen 75% of the total items, and burned 48% (vs. your 100% and ~35%). That may be why I’ve not yet seen a significant increase in difficulty or review-time per day. I think if I still keep burning at the current rate it shouldn’t get too much worse, but stories like yours give me pause. It does seem that going slower has been paying off in terms of total workload.

Yup. That sounds very familiar!

It’s weird, though. Already 慰謝(いしゃ) feels more like the act of “consoling” someone than the actual condolences themselves. I get the sense that 慰問(いもん) refers more to the words/expression while the former refers to the act, but I’d be hard pressed to explain why I feel that. That sense of apology in the second character starts to come through with enough repetitions. It’s similar with other items I often confuse — eventually one sense just starts to feel right.

Somewhat related: I’ve started to really appreciate the confusion guesser script. I’ve even begun to enjoy when it correctly identifies things for me that I hadn’t even realized I was mixing up. (Today, it finally got me to start noticing and paying attention to the different radicals in (くつ) and (ほり), for example).