I made it to level 20!

It has taken ten months, but I’ve finally made it one-third of the way through Wanikani!

Currently, I live in Aso, Kumamoto, so my Japanese is pretty decent, and I try to make sure to study something every day, be it kanji, grammar, or conversation. However, working a full-time job (where I cannot access WK or any related sites) as well as doing kendo thrice weekly means I’ve gone at an exceedingly slow pace, which has been suuuuuuuuper frustrating.

Often it feels like I’m not making any progress at all, despite evidence to the contrary. It’s been rough, but I’ve finally made some headway! I’m hoping to take the N2 JLPT in July, so I’ve got some ways to go before then, but I just wanted to celebrate this small effort.

Let’s celebrate our accomplishments together!
We’re finally learning Japanese~! X3


I’m delighted to ‘meet’ someone who uses the word thrice! Congratuations on your milestone :tada:


It’s nice to know someone else here does kendo. In fact, I’m learning it to talk to my sensei (he only speaks japanese). I know some kanji, but I would say level N5, N4 tops. But I am just starting here at Wanikani. You have all the tools though, living in Japan already. :blush: I wish. Congratulations!


Hmm? I don’t think it’s all that rare


Oooh, you live in Japan, I’m so jelly! >.<

Congrats on your progress and don’t worry too much about your pace! As long as you’re having a little bit of fun, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes you. :blush:


It took me a little over a year to get to level 20, so heads up, you‘ve still been faster than me :grin:
It sure is a good feeling to have reached level 20.


Really impressive how you’ve managed to stay onboard through Wanikani despite your busy life. Congrats!

I’m around the same level range and time range, but I’m not busy…I just got kinda lazy…


Awesome, good for you! How do you feel about your reading ability now?


I only restarted two/three months ago and I constantly feel like I’m not progressing ‘fast enough’ because I also have a job where I can’t access the internet, and therefore can’t practice as frequently as I want. It’s impressive to keep up the motivation to work despite the slower pace!

Well, I’m currently reading 魔女の宅急便 with everyone here on WK, and aside from unusual words non-Japanese speakers wouldn’t normally know, I’m not having much trouble at all! It’s been pretty breezy, but each chapter gives me around 100 new vocabulary words to study.


Congrats. I have been at level 20s for 2 months now. I’m being so lazy (mainly of playing games)

Awesome - well done ! that’s an achievement.

Kendo ! That seems like a good reason to be going slowly ! beat those turtles into submission !!


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Good job! Keep going.

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Yay great work! I’m very proud of you! :smiley:

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I’ve been here for 4 years now, and I’m level 19. I just keep getting so caught up in life, that I’d let the reviews pile on and then just ignore them…

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