I made a Twitter japanese proverbs bot!

Like the title says I made a Twitter bot which tweets Japanese proverbs/sayings. If you’d like a little more Japanese on your Twitter timeline you can check it out here: @JProverber.
The proverbs are taken from jisho, but the English translations are not always exact, but you can get the gist of the meaning from there. If this counts as spam or self-promotion I’ll gladly oblige to the rules.

Knowledge is power!


Pretty cool way to learn some proverbs. Thanks for sharing that! :100:


Oh awesome :smiley: Funny how one of those came up in my textbook recently xD Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks. I originally made it as a programming exercise but now it’s helping people learn Japanese. I’m glad. :smiley:

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cool! That reminds me I made a Twitter bot myself a while back: @randomkotobot

It tweets a random Japanese words with their definitions! I always forget about it, then come back to find there it is, still diligently tweeting out into the twittervoid… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Always has some funny/weird vocabulary words that I’d never learn about otherwise too.

What language did you use for yours?

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That’s cool, yours is very similar to mine. I used nodejs to make it. The hardest part was gathering the data, as the jisho api is quite bad, I had to crawl the proverbs myself. The code is open source, so you can copy it if you wish to. Or contribute.


Nice, I’ll take a look!

Yeah, I’ve never used jisho’s api (actually didn’t know they had one). For mine I used the JMDict. It basically downloads the whole file (if it hasn’t already) every time, parses it, and chooses a random word :sweat_smile:

I did mine in Python, also on github:

Cool idea!
One proverb that flows off the tongue well: 働かざる者は食うべからず.

Yours is really cool, I can’t really count the amount of tweets mine has tweeted, as it’s running on a CI platform on a schedual, so I can’t save any files (I could get the amount from the API :thinking:).

We should collaborate to make the most powerful best super Japanese twitter bot.

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