I made a free Website to help people learn Japanese

Everything is free and no ads.
Here is the link.


Neat! I’ll have to check it out later, but it looks really well-made. Will be coming back to this!

Some of the illustrations are pretty cute!

By the way, I just tried the N1 Kanji test, and some of the questions were pretty easy, while some felt more reasonable for that level. Does questions from previous level also show up?

Also, bragging rights

Pretty sure there’s a problem with this vocab question:

First, only one of the possible answers has the right okurigana. Second, I’m pretty sure that’s あさましい, which is not one of the possible answers.
Edit: the “correct” answer was one of the wrong okurigana ones :rofl:
Edit2: oooh wait, I just realized it’s a synonym. So that question was asking for a synonym, then? That was not obvious at all.


This question is for you to choose the vocabulary that has the same meaning.

Naphthalene via WaniKani Community wanikani_community@discoursemail.com于2020年1月10日 周五22:15写道:

Since you are replying by email, you might have missed my next edit. It was not obvious the first time around. Once I got to the answer, I got it, and I could understand further uses of the brackets.
I feel it should be made more obvious. (It was especially confusing considering that all answers were hiragana only).

By the way, I did the “example” quizz and it gave me a 0% (as expected from the description) which seems to count toward my global score average. That’s not really the expected behavior.

Edit: also, clicking on details allows me to see the answers (which I got correct by the way) despite the site informing me I wouldn’t see them :stuck_out_tongue: (well, I guess that someone not logged in would not be able to access history, so that might be true in their case)

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I’ve seen your posts on Reddit. I really like the site, as a beginner. Thank you!

I added some notes before the quiz starts! So you won’t get confused! And I will fix the “example” bug in the next update!

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Thanks! I will make it better and add more contents in the near future!

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