I leveled up after a long break and already had some items burned

I thought it was very interesting that after I took a long break (I spent about 450 days on both level 15 and level 16) and finally leveled up, I had already burned some items in the level I just unlocked.


It’s nothing I’m worried about, just thought I’d share something unusual with you guys. The items were burned because they were moved to another level after I had unlocked them, and I might have this same thing occur for a few more levels after this too.

Has anybody else experienced something like this? Anything to share about taking breaks from wanikani? Is anybody else still here that joined in 2015?


Yeah, the content overhaul from a while back moved a few things around, so it’s to be expected here and there. There were also new items added recently, so some people noticed new lessons for past levels suddenly.


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