Second time around

Has anyone been through all of the Kanji more than once or is on here second time through after burning everything?


Yes, but not me. @Leebo is a good example


Well, kind of maybe. I made it to level 60, but didn’t really even try to burn everything before resetting to level 6. Then I got back to level 60, and I have about 1500 unburned items at the moment.


The answer should probably be no one that I know of.

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I got to level 60 and when I reset back to 1 I had around 7000 burned items (not quite everything on WK, but pretty close). I had also resurrected a lot of items at some point so it’s possible I’d have had a lot more burned if I’d let sleeping turtles lie. I think there’s a lot of people who reset after level 60.

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