I learned something from Japanese text for the first time!

I just had my first newbie triumph moment, and I wanted to share (also, hi! I’ve been a lurker for a couple of months and this is my first post)

Last week, I got to level ten and then got immediately overwhelmed by trying to add in grammar to my WaniKani schedule, and ended up deciding to take a break for a couple of days (and now I have 350 reviews to do, but I also have no other plans this weekend, so…)

Also, I watched the premiere episode of a cute new anime called Chimimo (with subs), really enjoyed it, and ended up deciding to check out its official website to see if I could find out how long the episodes would be going forward. I didn’t end up finding that, but I did click around because the website was cute and I like to practice looking at Japanese text in the wild to see what words I can pick out.

Then when I was looking at the (character bios page, something awesome happened. I learned things about some of the characters from their bios! The first episode of the show was super unclear about the characters’ ages, but now I know! Mei is a 中学生! Haduki is a 美大生… which isn’t a word I’ve seen, but which I assume has to mean she goes to a cosmetology college. I found out a couple of other things too… I still couldn’t understand most of it, and this was with the context of having seen the first episode already and it being an incredibly simple little show… but still. I’m so excited that I was actually able to use the text on a Japanese website to learn information even in a super small way.

Sorry for the ramble. I guess I’m just re-motivated, and excited to see where things go from here.


I’m so happy for you! And excited for you to have more of those moments

Also I looked up 美大 since I’ve never seen it either and was curious, and it seems it’s an abbreviation for 美術大学 - art school, or college of the arts. I didn’t find out what a cosmetology school would be called (although I assume it might be a type of 専門学校, or vocational school?), but I did find out that one of the words for cosmetology itself is 美容術, which is super close