I have yet another question

What is the meaning of やってくる? I am getting "To come along, “To come around”, “To turn up”, “To have been doing something (for a period of time”).
The reason I ask specifically is because I’m wondering how it causes in ”惹きつけられてやってきます” to mean something “I am attracted to you”. This sounds confusing
Reworded: what is the purpose of putting やってきます next to 惹きつけらて if 惹きつけられて already means to attract?
Also for full context:

I think the most useful translation here is “to come around”. So in that sentence it means something like “Cats eventually end up liking…” as opposed to “cats like…”. やってきます is like adding the sense of “eventually coming around to something” instead of just straight up doing it.

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Ah, ok, in the game, it’s kind of like the cats will eventually come to your place because they are attracted to the rice and toys

Yeah in that context that makes more sense actually. So basically the cats will be attracted to the toys/food and “come around”/やってきます literally

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Thank you so much

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