I have trouble asking the how question

I have trouble asking the “how” questions or how to fit in a how question in a statement. For example, just now I was trying to right my to do list in Japanese. I was trying to say “Plan on how you will get the recommendation letter from your teacher” or for example “how do you usually get to school?” THere’s so many words for how in Japanese I don’t know where to start


The non-question way of asking how is Verb stem + 方 (かた)
作る ➞ To make ➞ 作り方 ➞ How to make, the way to make
豆腐の作り方を教えてください! ➞ Please tell me how to make Tofu/Please tell me the way to make tofu!
使う ➞ To use ➞ 使い方 ➞ How to use/The way of using
アイスクリームの使い方は知りません。 ➞ I don’t know how to make Ice cream

先生から推薦状の受け方 ➞ How to get a recommendation letter from your teacher (I think this is how you say that, but I wouldn’t quote me on that!)

When asking questions dealing with “how” Usually you use どう.
どうしよう ➞ What to do (Literal translation “How shall I do”)
先生かどうか知りません ➞ I don’t know whether (he’s) a teacher or not)

These might help :blush:


You should change your name to @Howlogist


I believe both of those 知れません should be 知りません. The former is the potential form, which isn’t appropriate here. (You might be thinking of かも知れません)


My bad :sweat_smile: Thank you!

How to is どうやって
どうやって学校に通ってる? how do you get to school?
どうやってそのケーキを焼く?how do you bake that cake?

You can use どうすれば and other constructs later, or go with the more formal 学校の通い方を教えて, but the sound of that doesn’t really fit in these informal cases.


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