I have some weird behavior on my progress

Hi, everyone. I’m wondering if anyone faced something like this. I’m on level 15 and this is my radicals progress

Then in new lessons I get a new Can radical which is weird because why would I have new radicals? but what’s weirder is the Kanji which is composed of it is on level 13 and I’ve never even seen it. I’m really lost, what’s going on here?

Seems like it might just have been moved to an earlier level or added.

I think I saw it in a recent updates list.

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In these cases, the radical is likely either new or moved. In this case, it was probably moved, though can’t find when.

Hi there!

The radical “can” has been moved to level 13 from level 44, and that’s why you are seeing it as a new item. There are a few other items that have been moved today. You can check more upcoming changes in this post. :+1:


  • Level 44: 缶 (radical) - moving down to level 13
  • Level 44: 缶 (kanji) - moving down to level 13
  • Level 44: 空き缶 - moving down to level 13
  • Level 44: 缶ビール - moving down to level 13

thanks, that makes sense