I finally did it! (No not that)

No not level 60!

After more than 5 years and 3 level resets back to 1 (from above levels 18, 25 and 30), I’ve finally become a life member.

I’ve probably paid for wanikani life membership 3 times over, so the lesson for everyone just starting and dedicated to finishing - buy life membership early!

Merry Christmas everyone.


I appreciate this, but I’m still debating it… $200 is still a lot of money all at once. $9 at a time hurts a lot less

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If you are debating whether to get it or not, now’s the time - sale only happens once a year.
I got it when I realized I won’t finish WK in 2 years, as it happened, I started about 2 years ago and still have plenty to burn!


I agree with this. As a student I can afford a little every month, more than a chunk at once =D

But if I manage to be able to save up, I’d definitely buy it =)


If possible, set aside $17 a month for the next year. Then, if you want WaniKani lifetime, you can buy it December 2021. And if you decide you don’t want WaniKani lifetime, you’ll have an extra $200 freed up =D


Last year around this time my progress had pretty much died down and I must have been somewhere around level 45. Like OP I already had purchased the yearly subscription many times. So I decided to get lifetime in order to keep taking WK slow. Strange thing being the moment I became a lifetime member, suddenly I was able to gain momentum again. Well and now here I am at level 60. Would I have been as fast without lifetime membership? No idea


You made level 60… er, sorry, 06! :smiley:

We are here to help you. Please stick around and we will all try to help you climb the mountain!

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One recommendation. If you aren’t or can’t go lifetime, look at doing a yearly IF you know you will stick to it.

Don’t just jump on the $89 option though. Email support and ask if there are any available coupons. Most likely they will throw you a 20% off. That will get your yearly to about $72. Comes out to more like $6 a month except you do have to pay it in a lump.

If you think you can get through WK in 2 years or less, and you will be happy with where you will be at the end of those 2 years, you could get through Level 60 at $144 if you can score another 20% off for your second year.

Just a recommendation and I get that it’s not always within the realm of possibilty, but I figure the more you know, the more informed any decision you may make later. Or now. :wink:


You can also try asking for a monthly discount. Not sure if they offer those through the support channel or if you can only get discounts on yearly…

Even if it saves a $1 month, $1 is a $1.

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Ah! Didn’t know they did that =0

Ah well, fortunately I’m pretty comfortable with the monthly plan for now… But who knows in the future =P

Thank you!

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I don’t like the asking for discounts. I feel bad for having paid my first year regularly, when people can just beg for coupons.

I don’t see it as begging and if they didn’t want you to use a coupon, they wouldn’t give them to you when you ask.

If the option is they get a subscriber at 20% off or they don’t, they make more money with the former over the latter.

And of course, nothing says you have to ask for a coupon and it’s fine to pay full price if you feel it’s worth the value you’re putting in.

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