I feel like I could kill hundreds of American soldiers today

Amazing title huh? This is actually part of the example sentence for 米兵 (US Soldier).

Wow, what beautiful weather! I feel like I could kill hundreds of American soldiers today.

I don’t really care about political correctness and I’m not even American, you could substitute “American” for any other country in the world and it would feel equally as offensive to me. I know that the people behind WK aren’t always writing these example sentences themselves, so this might be a quote from a book or something, but I still don’t see how a sentence like this belongs on a website for learning Japanese. It just seems really tasteless and out of place to me.


I normally don’t mind… but your title did seem off to me, so I agree with you.


You’ll probably be getting some of the “ugh, it’s just a joke, snowflake!” pushback soon, but yes this is a pretty terrible example sentence regardless of how it came about. And I don’t say that out of some jingoistic patriotic fervor, that’s for darn sure.


I don’t mind it one bit, but I understand that a lot of people would, so maybe it’s a bad choice.


This feels more like a satirical joke to me than something offensive, but if you think it’s distasteful then probably others have as well.
Could be changed to something less drastic, perhaps.


I want to say “I bel you’ll remember it for a long time now, right?!” but I do think it’s pretty absurd of a sentence


Thanks for spotting this. Going to forward this topic and have them update or remove the sentence.


Annnddd replaced. By the way, if you see things that are offensive/typos just email them to hello@wanikani.com and I can get them fixed much quicker.


But seriously, thanks for letting us know about this. Sometimes we have old sentences that got through that are… not so good. So to all of you, please please let us know if something like this is out there so we can fix it ASAP.


I’m American and I think it’s witty and mildly funny, USoA dropped two nukes on them but they can’t even make jokes about killing US soldiers?

I’m sure the same jokes were made during WW2 about the Germans.

People need to lighten up.

Sure, I somehow agree with you. People take stuff too seriously. However, it’s different to say it to a friend vs a company having it. The former implies context while the latter is just unnecessary.


sure, but its not WW2 anymore,and i’m not sure what you could find “witty” about this. Im not offended by the sentence either but there’s just no reason for it to be here. There are a million other sentences WK can choose that have nothing to do with killing anyone.


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