I don't get the context sentence (擬装 -- Disguise)

I encountered the following context sentence for 擬装 – Disguise on level 59:

You must not excuse the food company’s disguise.

Is this some cultural reference, or what is it supposed to mean? I don’t see any connection between food companies and disguises, are they pretending to sell healthy food or something?


Well, it means exactly what the translation says.
Hard to say exactly what they disguised, but they probably faked some data or something; so yeah, pretending to sell healthy food or something.
There’s no specific connection with food in general.

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Based on all of the other example sentences I’ve read, I’m assuming this is just a random one :laughing:

To me it sounds like a company pretending to be a food company, hence the food company’s “disguise”, so more in the sense of an impersonation

maybe they’re secretly a drug warehouse!


Hm, I don’t think so. That would be 食品会社***に***擬装した(こと)or something similar in that case I think

Koichi definitely just picked keywords out of a hat to decide what sentences to write.


How about seeing 食品会社の擬装 together, like “Disguising as food companies is unforgivable.”?

In this case the English meaning is closer to something like subterfuge. 擬装 can indicate a physical outfit like a disguise or coloration like camouflage, but it can also refer to a specific action or behavior intended to trick others.



Hu. I… guess? But that’s even more weird (in terms of meaning) than the other explanation (which was matching the translation too).

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Hmm that would just be a more literal translation though :thinking:

There are different ways to convey that sort of idea even in English, so something like 食品会社の擬装/food company’s disguise still seems pretty vague and can imply various things, no?

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Well, yeah. Without context, it’s hard to say, and food company’s disguise is pretty vague by itself indeed.
They already took some steps and put a “you” and a “the” in there, which is not necessarily implied by the Japanese sentence :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully they’ll come up with something better in the near future

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But look how much interesting discussion of the Japanese language this sentence sparked :wink:


It was part of こういち’s plan all along!

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It’s generally believed that more the unusual something is, the easier it stays in memory. So I just assumed that was reasoning behind the random sentences.

However I do wish the sentence offered more of a clue to the nuances of the word, especially synonyms, and words with broad meanings.


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