I did it! Reached 0 reviews after a pile of 1700+ 😨

Do you use any review order scripts or anything?
I’m not entirely sure how the ordering works by default, but without some sort of ordering those few hundred each day could be completely unrelated. So what if something you did yesterday needs to be done today, but you may not see it for another few days - in effect making it harder on yourself messing up the SRS aspect?

I worked my way through about 1500 a while back after probably about a year’s absence. What finally worked was just sitting myself down and doing about a hundred at a time over a couple of days. It was really tough at first, but eventually the number went down and stayed down. I kept it at a set amount because that gave me a goal to work towards and an opportunity to properly read through the ones I was failing instead of smashing through as many as I could at once and then getting discouraged by how many I was getting wrong, as I had in my previous attempts.

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congrats, I recently reset to lvl 5 from 9 with a comparatively small review pile of 700, although part of that was I was going too fast and abusing scripts before I stopped for a month or two.

I didn’t use any because I did them on my phone/tablet. Not even sure if you can install them there. But I did not care about having a perfect SRS because I just wanted to focus on doing reviews. Might work better with scripts for others, but for me it definitely worked this way.

spits out coffee
flips over table
smashes phone
sets home on fire

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