I can't stop procrastinating on doing this

So i recently had alot of motivation to learn Japanese and i was doing pretty good but when i got to level 2 (yes in new) i just lost a lot of motivation and i wanna know how to get motivation back


That’s a tough one as motivation is going to be different for everyone. What made you want to learn Japanese in the first place?


Your motivation comes and goes really fast…

May be just step back a little bit and find your own motivation and reason for learning Japanese. This journey is time-consuming and quiet rough.


There are days where I have no motivation and study out of discipline or habit. Having a concrete goal in mind helps you on days like that.


In my experience, motivation always has ups and downs. The only thing that reliably brings back motivation for me is progress.

It’s kind of like lifting weights. Will you see an immediate effect today? Tomorrow? Next week? No, you have to put in the work knowing it will pay off down the road. And when you begin to notice the results, you have a huge surge of motivation and sense of accomplishment. Then you keep chasing those feelings, knowing that the work you put in is worth it, even if it feels painfully slow at times.

Self-discipline will have to carry you through, and periods of high motivation are the cherry on top.

And welcome to WK! :crabigator:


I feel you. Hope my experience could help you somehow.

I’ve been on and off studying languages, including Japanese, for years. Last winter I realised that there’s so much stuff in Japanese I want to read, because it’s not going to be translated, ever. That’s how I started to collect used manga in Japanese that I think I would love to read. At first I could only read the titles of the books, but I made sure to try to read a little every now and then, and noticed that it’s easier and easier to understand Japanese. I’ve read a few manga in Japanese already, and it’s so awesome~

Another thing that helped me to feel motivated is a page where I mark kanji from grades 1-6 I know. I’ve been doing wanikani for 276 days in a row, 8-12 lessons a day, reviewing all the items I have twice a day, and this is what it looks like now. It feels incredibly satisfying to mark new kanjis there.


This comic is always relevant.


I lost motivation for 10 years, I studied japanese for 6 months in a japanese university with genki II and since back then I was told that book was world reference,

I didnt even bother to continue studying it after coming back to my home country, that book is not good.

Now since january this year I found SRS and WK and I am here very motivated because I found something to keep calling me that I have reviews to do, that’s my motivation daily: not piling up those reviews.

And trying to read news articles is another motivation to make me forget those demoralizing review sessions and see that what I learned in 10 months here is showing its good results. Today I can understand 60-70% of each nhk easy article. 10 months ago was 1% I guess. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think that’s probably the most important question :slight_smile: .

Can’t offer much actual advice myself (at least until we know the raison d’etre :smiley: ), but it’s important to know why embark on the journey to learn Japanese and how important it is overall. If it’s just a hobby, there is no pressure and perhaps it’s normal not to always be super motivated to do it :slight_smile: .

If it’s a necessity, we can ruffle up some good old-fashioned self-conditioning to do the trick :D.

I find that simply clicking the lessons or reviews forces you to complete it, the fact you made this post means you want to, so just suck it up and click start session, and don’t leave your seat till it hits 0

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Wow, well said! I sat here trying to type a reply out, but I kept re-reading your reply and realizing there was no way I could word it better. I came here to try and help, but ended up finding some good advice instead.

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