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Anything more impressive than Jitai?

It’s alright in the beginning when you first use it… but I’d like to step it up a notch.

Any suggestions?

Did you download additional fonts and add them to the Jitai list? You may still be using the default fonts that Jitai assumes are on most computers, but you can really add any font you want.

If you want to step it up a notch, try Armed Banana. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had any luck getting Jitai to see any of the more exotic fonts that I’ve (presumably correctly) installed on my computer. And the thought of trying to troubleshoot it on the thread for the script sounds like it would clutter up the thread and annoy everyone there.

I don’t think anyone would mind to be honest. I was able to get extra fonts added years ago, but I haven’t used WaniKani in a long time. If you see the font in something like Microsoft Word, you have it installed correctly. So then it’s a matter of figuring out the right name to include in the list of fonts in Jitai. You did add the font name to the list in Jitai, right?

I’m pretty sure I have the fonts installed correctly. They’re in my Font Book on macOS, and they show up in Mac’s native Notes app as font options. Let’s take the famous ArmedBanana as an example.

I’m guessing that means it’s been installed correctly, anyway. I don’t see how it could show up as an available font if it wasn’t.

If I remember correctly, Jitai came with ArmedBanana included in the Japanese font list by default. And the font is named “ArmedBanana” in Font Book, exactly as it’s written in the script.

Yet, only the default OS X fonts seem to show up for me.

As another quick test, I had the script print the list of existing/recognized fonts to the Javascript console. It only lists a couple of the default Windows fonts and the three OS X fonts. The console also shows a “Failed to load resource” error that’s the result of a 403 server response, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with the extra fonts failing to show up.

I should probably take this issue over to the Jitai thread instead of trying to work things out here.


Yeah I installed the ttf file and threw it into the font area of windows settings… it’s seen in the list, yet I’m not seeing any change with jitai either :confused:

Wow… so I got Armed Banana installed … that is certainly knocking it up a notch…


How do I get it to pop up more often? Also if I go searching for these other font files in the code and load them, it will also change to those as well?

This was very helpful thank you.

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I think it’s probably equal probability of getting any option in the list of Jitai fonts (of the ones installed at least). So I think if you remove some options from the list, it should increase the chances of getting the remaining fonts.

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So this doesn’t work any longer or something?

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