I cant get an API key

I cant get my API key. I have been at the right place and clicking “generate new token” wont do anything. can someone please help?

What do you need the token for? Many scripts etc. get along fine with the default token, i.e. you don’t need to generate a new one, you can just use the one that’s on the page already:


Just copy all of the red string next to “Token” and you’re done.

If you want to do reviews through a third-party app, you need a read-write API key.

If you click on the button at the bottom, you should get to a page called “Create a Personal Access Token”. Set a name, tick the boxes you want, and click “Generate Token” at the bottom. Then you can copy the token from the first page and use it. (Just make sure you only give a read-write API key to the apps that need them, just to make sure :slight_smile: )


Nevermind. It showed that there were no tokens and it wouldn’t work, but now it does for some reason