Generating API key for a total beginner

Hi everyone, I just got started with WaniKani the other month and have been loving it; so I was looking into KaniWani in order to practise my English->Japanese translation. I also use Bunpro, and I thought linking my WK to there to get rid of furigana for kanji/vocab that WK has taught me would be useful.

However I’m not the most tech-literate, I have no idea what an API key even is, so I was hoping someone could guide me through how to generate my API key & link my WK to KaniWani & Bunpro.

I don’t want third parties to change my WK in any way; I love it as it is, I literally only want to link my WK to the other apps. For example, do I check any of these boxes when generating my API key? And would I need to generate separate keys per app? Or just use the one?

Sorry if this has been asked before, any help would be so appreciated! Thanks! :smiley:


Do not tick those boxes if you don’t want other services to be able to do lessons or reviews for you


Yep, pretty much as Kumi said, all third-party apps will only need the default read-only token to work as intended. Only if you wanted to use a third-party app like Tsurukame or Flaming Durtles to do your reviews on your phone, would you tick all those boxes.

You can use the same default read-only token for every third-party service that only needs read-only access:

Tokens are hidden in the screenshot :see_no_evil:


Ah thank you, both of you! I’ll leave those boxes unchecked then & just use the same read-only token for KaniWani & Bunpro! That’s a massive help, thanks again! :blush: