Where can I see my API key?

Hello everyone! I’m Momix and I’m new here, I’d like to know where could I find my API number so that I can proceed to download the app. Please.

Settings --> Account --> Public API Key

(Main website, not the forums.)

Please keep in mind that the apps that use your API key are not made by WaniKani.

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Just to follow up on what @seanblue said: all the apps are third-party tools that you use at your own risk, and for which Tofugu can’t offer any support. They do have their own thread, though, if something comes up. Just remember that nobody but the app creator is obligated to assist you with them.

And before people start panicking about API keys…

WaniKani allows developers to GET public and non-detrimental private content through the use of API by URL.

To summarize the API page, developers/aps with your API key can more or less see your public profile, study queues, and user specific data for review items (eg. Correct %, due date, SRS level, ect). It can not be used to post any data to WK, the forums, or your profile and is more of a mild privacy concern if lost. (By mild, I mean they can observe your study progress. There is no data related to user identities outside of the public username included.)

You can replace your API key if something happens by clicking the “Generate new key” button in the settings page. Doing so will invalidate your old API key and effectively revoke access to any apps that were using it.

There are generally no obligations tied to 3rd party apps and user scripts. When in doubt please consult the software’s license, terms of use, and/or ask the developer. Many developers will provide support out of goodwill or shared interest, but there are many projects that have lost support as well.


It should be noted that this shouldn’t be used as a test to see if its official. Check the author. It isn’t hard to get the api key of a logged in user (and therefore not have to ask for it) by just scraping the settings page.

Yeah, I didn’t mean if it prompts you.

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